All Day Menu

Toast w/ your choice of raspberry jam, peanut butter, vegemite, Nutella on sourdough or multigrain 6.9
+ GF Bread 1.5                     
+ Avocado (Sliced/Smashed) 4.5

Free-Range Eggs Your Way – poached, scrambled or fried on sourdough or multigrain  9.9
+ GF Bread 1.5

Brioche Fruit Loaf w/ ricotta & honey 8.9

Porridge (V) w/ poached pears, mixed berries, mixed nuts, coconut flakes, chia seeds & orange blossom syrup 15.5

B.L.T (GFO) – bacon, lettuce, tomato & seeded mustard aioli on Turkish bread 12.5
+ 2 Fried Eggs 5
+ Avocado (Sliced/Smashed) 4.5

Ricotta & Blueberry Hotcakes w/ mixed berries, seasonal fruits, honey yogurt, Persian fairy floss, mixed nuts & orange blossom syrup 17.9

Baked Eggs (GFO) w/ black bean, sujuk, chorizo, Danish feta, roasted pepper on Turkish bread 20.9

Fritter Stacks (V) made w/ corn, carrot, zucchini & sweet potatoes served w/ cucumber, cherry tomatoes & coriander, avocado salsa w/ beetroot labne 18.5
+ A Poached Egg 2.5
+ Bacon 4.5

Breakfast Mezze w/ scrambled eggs, labne, sujuk, olives & toasted flat bread 20.5

Smashed Avo (GFO) w/ on toast w/ poached eggs, feta, & rocket 16.9
+ Sujuk or Bacon 4.5
+ Chipolatas 5
+ Chorizo 5.5

Babaganoush (GFO) on toast w/ poached eggs & avocado salsa 17.9
+ Sujuk or Bacon 4.5
+ Chipolatas 5
+ Chorizo 5.5

Eggs Florentine (V,GFO) w/ Turkish bread, sliced mushroom, fresh spinach, poached eggs & hollandaise sauce 16.5
+ Sujuk or Bacon 4.5
+ Chipolatas 5
+ Chorizo 5.5
+ Smoked Salmon 7.5

Smoked Salmon Deluxe (GFO) w/smashed avocado, poached eggs, homemade hollandaise sauce, dill & baby capers served on toasted brioche bread 21.5

Big Brekky (GFO,V) w/poached eggs, hash brown, bacon, slow roasted tomato, mushroom, chipolatas w/ a side of smashed avocado on sourdough bread 23.5

Grilled Atlantic Salmon (GFO) w/ poached eggs, herbed crème Fraiche, radish, rocket & radicchio salad on multigrain bread 21.9

Vegan Quesadillas (VE) w/ spinach, avocado, roasted peppers, Spanish onion, roasted zucchini in tortilla bread w/ tomato relish 14.5

Homemade Falafel Wrap (V) w/ labne, pickled turnips, tomato, onion, parsley & lettuce 13.5

Grilled Chicken Wrap w/ babaganoush, pickled turnips, tomato, onion, parsley & lettuce 13.9

Crumbed Chicken w/halloumi cheese, lettuce & seeded mustard aioli on Turkish bread 14.5
+ Bacon 4.5

Veggie Burger (V, GFO) w/ grilled halloumi, zucchini, roasted pepper, sliced tomatoes, Spanish onion, baby spinach & beetroot relish on a matcha bun served w/ chips 18.5

House Beef Burger w/ bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber, Spanish onion, tomato sauce & seeded mustard aioli on a brioche bun served w/ chips 18.9
+ A Fried Egg 2.5

Fried Lemon Pepper Calamari w/ salad, tomatoes, endive, rocket, fennel & Danish feta served w/ homemade aioli 19.5

Grilled Chicken w/ middle eastern rice, corn, tomato, Spanish onion, radicchio, jalapeno & herbed labne 19.5

Lunch Mezze Plate (VO, VEO) Grilled Chicken, falafel, halloumi, fresh salad, pickled turnips & cucumber, roasted veggies, mixed olives, sujuk, feta & beetroot relish on Turkish bread w/ zaatar 24.9


Tomato Relish / Beetroot Relish / Hollandaise Sauce      3 Bacon / Sujuk 4.5
Babaganoush / Feta / Labne w/ Zaatar 4 Chipolatas Sausage 5
Sautéed Spinach / Slow Roasted Tomatoes / Mushrooms 4 Chorizo 5.5
Avocado (Sliced/Smashed) 4.5 Hash Brown 4.5
Grilled Halloumi 5 Grilled Chicken 6.5
Middle Eastern Rice 5.5 Calamari 7.5
Seasonal Salad 7.9 Grilled Salmon 8.5
Greek Salad 8.9 Smoked Salmon 7.5
Chips (Bowl) 7.5 Chips (Side) 4.5

Something for the Little Ones…

Cheese Toastie 4.5
Ham & Cheese Toastie 6.5
Egg any way on toast w/ Bacon Stack 7.9
Chicken Schnitzel w/ Chips 8.5

Sweet Tooth

Please see our selection of sweets and treats at the front counter.

V = Vegetarian VO = Vegetarian Option VE = Vegan VEO = Vegan Option GF = Gluten Free GFO = Gluten Free Option